Bhutan Agro Industries LTD

Bhutan Agro Industries Limited (BAIL) is a fruit and vegetable-processing company nestled in the heart of the eastern Himalayas, in Bhutan. It was established in 1993 with the financial and technical assistance of the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).

BAIL is located far from the madding crowd in a pristine environment surrounded by lush treesat Wangchutaba. It is a 12km drive from the core city, Thimphu.

BAIL is not an entirely commercial entity. It is an enterprise to help uplift the Bhutanese rural economy by creating market opportunities for farmers. The company achieves this objective by buying surplus horticulture produces, which is also the main source of the company’s raw materials.

BAIL also takes pride in bottling clean and fresh mountain spring water, a product that is not matched in quality in the market today.

The company’s key technical and managerial staffs have been trained in Europe, Thailand, Korea, Japan and U.S.A.


  • To tap and market Bhutan’s rich horticultural produces and enrich its farmers.


  • A financially sustainable social enterprise that:
    • Helps farmers generate additional income by absorbing their surplus agricultural produce
    • Provides gainful employment and
    • Does not emphasize profit
  • A center of excellence where best practices are adopted in terms of environmental considerations, operations and performance culture.
  • The above mission will be achieved through:
    • Encouraging and supporting cultivation of high value fruits and vegetables.
    • Processing crops into shelf – stable and value added products.
    • Developing an efficient marketing and distribution network within and outside the country.